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A little about me

I enjoy writing stories with heaps of action and humour. My stories tend to involve kids having adventures and getting into trouble. Themes include - risk taking, the environment, resilience, animal welfare, friendship, loyalty and family.

I regularly attend schools to share my knowledge of story with children and love to inspire others to read and write. I teach writing workshops to both kids and adults. I have always loved story and narrative and the stories behind stories. I am passionate about giving kids the skills and confidence to use their unique voice to tell their own stories.

I have spent the last ten years happily ensconced in Newcastle with my husband and two lively daughters. We have a very naughty rescue dog named Pippi who seems destined for her own series.

I have always been a reader. My favourite books while growing up were adventure books with heaps of action like The Famous Five and Nancy Drew. I also loved The Magic Faraway Tree series. Later I became really into fantasy, Lord of the Rings, the Narnia books and anything by David Eddings. I also loved Dianne Wynn Jones. Ursula Le Guin's The Wizard of Earthsea Trilogy remains one of my favourite series and had a huge impact on my imagination.

I like to write books with plenty of action, adventure and humour. I also love to write series. I become so close to my characters that one book is not enough to sustain the adventures we could all have together!

Some work history

I have acted and directed in theatre and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film with Honours in Theatre Directing.

I have worked in television for successful drama producer John Edwards as his assistant. This led to an internship as a trainee script editor on a drama series called Head Start. I also wrote for the TV series of the popular book series, Sleepover Club.

I have worked as a book buyer and a book seller.

I currently work as a senior tutor for The Writers Studio. I tutor the online Ten Month Novel and Script Course which I thoroughly enjoy.

We moved around

I sure know what it means to move house. I was born in South Africa and by the time I was twelve years old I had lived in Johannesburg, Hobart, Cape Town, Melbourne and Brisbane! Later we moved to New Zealand and I went to university in Wellington before later moving to Sydney for twelve years.

Many of the ideas for adventures in my books come from my own adventures when travelling. I love experiencing different cultures and ways of life, getting out into nature and having a break from my own reality (as much as I love it).